• AXigen seeds close-up

    AXigen Trait

Think inside the seed

You vented. We invented.

Wheat farmers needed a way to control grassy weeds — weeds that were decimating yield, degrading quality, increasing dockage and tanking profits. We listened.

Years of research went into developing a solution. The first step was identifying a herbicide that would provide superior control of the targeted annual grassy weeds. Next, scientists developed a trait in wheat that would provide excellent tolerance to that herbicide: AXigen.

AXigen is a patented non-GMO trait that confers tolerance to Aggressor AX Group 1 herbicides. Extensively characterized and tested to ensure high levels of crop safety and performance, AXigen is introduced into elite varieties to create CoAXium wheat varieties.

Varieties with the AXigen trait (identified with an AX suffix) are created by public and private wheat breeders for use across all wheat growing regions. These varieties are tested again and again with Aggressor AX herbicides to make absolutely certain these two technologies work well together to provide both superior grassy weed control and variety protection.