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Scan this list of wheat varieties and you’ll see leading varieties are included in the CoAXium® Wheat Production System. Each variety has unique strengths to ensure growers the most productive harvest no matter where in the world they are farming.

CoAXium varieties have been tested and retested for trait tolerance, seedling vigor, disease resistance, adaptation and yield in an extensive array of growing conditions.


  • AP18 AX

    AgriPro’s AP18 AX area mapAgriPro’s AP18 AX is a medium maturity, Aggressor herbicide tolerant line with excellent yield potential. AP18 AX has strong disease tolerance to wheat streak mosaic virus, leaf rust, and stripe rust. These traits, in addition to its winter hardiness, shatter resistance, and very good test weight, makes AP18 AX a great fit across the plains. AP18 AX is available from your local AgriPro Associate or AgriPro seed retailer.

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  • Incline AX

    Incline AX, marketed by PlainsGold™, contains AXigen® trait and is resistant to Aggressor® herbicides. Incline AX was bred from Hatcher and Byrd parentage and has been tested across more than 40 locations in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Incline AX is two days later than Denali, susceptible to stripe rust, shows intermediate reaction to Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and yields similarly to Brawl CL Plus.

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  • Crescent AX

    Released in 2018, Crescent AX is the newest CoAXium® variety in the PlainsGold lineup with a solid agronomic package and excellent tolerance to Aggressor® herbicide. Crescent AX has medium-early maturity, very good test weight, wheat curl mite resistance from its Byrd parent, and very good end-use quality. Certified Seed Only, no saved seed allowed, Stewardship Agreement required.

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  • LCS Photon AX

    LCS Photon AX offers excellent test weight, high protein, good yield potential and a height ideal for low rainfall production. In addition to this agronomic package, LCS Photon AX also demonstrates desirable end-use quality.

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  • LCS Helix AX

    LCS Helix AX has a strong straw, intermediate height, and improved stripe rust tolerance. Performing well in the Central Plains and Pacific Northwest, LCS Helix AX is demonstrating broad adaptability in both regions. As a bonus, LCS Helix AX has also shown desirable end-use quality.

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  • LCS Fusion AX

    As the first CoAXium wheat in the LCS portfolio, LCS Fusion AX has proven performance across an impressive range of adaptation. Fields of LCS Fusion has been grown in both the Pacific Northwest as well as the Central Plains, and in both regions, excellent drought tolerance has been observed.

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  • Battle AX

    Released in 2018, Battle AX is a new HRW variety that offers the industry leading 2-gene CoAXium Wheat Production System technology within an agronomic package that helps improve yield potential, test weight, protein, and milling characteristics that wheat producers need, and end users want. Given its medium early maturity, optimum planting dates in the northern and central high plains will consistently fall between mid-September through mid-October; consider increased seeding rates as time progresses. Battle AX has a Medium long Coleoptile to improve planting into moisture, and carries good resistance to the wheat curl mite to help against the Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus. Battle AX has demonstrated good straw strength under dryland conditions (11-20” of annual precipitation), performing well under irrigated conditions as well. Please follow all label instructions of Aggressor Herbicides for use and restrictions, the label is the law.

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  • LCS Atomic AX

    Targeted for the Central Plains, LCS Atomic AX offers the next level of yield potential in the LCS CoAXium lineup. In addition to yield, LCS Atomic AX has an ideal plant type – early maturity, intermediate height, strong straw, and a showy head.

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  • CP7017AX (Hard Red Winter)

    Strong yield potential with ability to handle stress. Strong tolerance to drought and acid soils; resistant to soilborne mosaic virus. Medium maturity wheat variety with broad adaptability. Use fungicide to manage in areas with history of leaf rust.

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  • CP7050AX (Hard Red Winter)

    Excellent yield potential; early-maturing wheat variety. Strong straw and test weight; tolerates acid soils; resistant to stripe rust and soil-borne mosaic virus. Better-suited for good dry-land management or irrigated acres. Fungicide recommended in areas with stem rust.

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  • Kivari AX

    Released in 2020, Kivari AX is the newest CoAXium Variety in the PlainsGold lineup with slightly later maturity compared to Crescent AX, and improved spring frost tolerance.

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