CoAXium spring wheat

The best weed-crushing wheat production system for the Northern Plains is here

CoAXium is the latest, most effective solution for controlling cheatgrass, foxtails, barnyardgrass and other Group 2-resistant grassy weeds. Driven by Aggressor AX herbicide, the CoAXium Wheat Production System stops weeds in their tracks. Less dockage, better wheat quality and no soil residuals.

Farmers in Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota have seen the difference CoAXium makes in their winter wheat fields for several growing seasons. Now all the power of CoAXium technology is available in premium spring wheat varieties.

Plant CoAXium spring wheat varieties

Talk to your seed dealer or ag retailer about the best field-tested CoAXium hard red spring wheat seed for your acres. Seed stocks are limited. Find a CoAXium retailer near you.


Medium-early hard red spring wheat, bringing consistent yield potential for maturity across many environments.

  • Good yield and protein balance in an early CoAXium product
  • Low demand for additional populations, but has shown significant yield increase with higher N availability
  • Medium height and great standability with very good BLS ratings for eastern success

LCS Hammer AX

This early maturing CoAXium hard red spring wheat was bred specifically for Northern Plains growing conditions and offers a solid disease package.

  • Balanced protein and good test weight
  • Tolerance to Fusarium head blight, leaf rust and stem rust
  • Desirable end-use quality


Next generation CoAXium hard red spring wheat genetics, bringing big yields in a broadly adapted variety!

  • Nicely balanced (yield and protein) for success across markets
  • Good agronomics and very good yield potential, especially in moderate to higher yielding environments
  • Medium-late maturity with earlier flowering and longer grain fill, medium plant height and great standability

Coming soon

Look for new CoAXium varieties in the years ahead. More hard red spring wheats bred for your growing conditions with advanced CoAXium technology are in trials right now.

Say goodbye to Group 2-resistant grassy weeds

The CoAXium Wheat Production System takes high-performance wheat varieties, breeds them with the non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait AXigen and pairs them with Aggressor AX herbicide, a groundbreaking formulation with a Group 1 (ACCase) mode of action. CoAXium targets tough-to-control grassy weeds other production systems can’t touch, including:

  • Yellow and green foxtail
  • Downy brome and Japanese brome
  • Volunteer barley
  • Barnyardgrass and quackgrass