• Chad Shelton conducts Stewardship training with growers


Protect your technology. Protect your harvest.

Technology worth preserving

  • The use of Certified seed is required
  • CoAXium Grower Stewardship Agreement is required
  • Use only labeled rates of Aggressor AX herbicides by weed species
  • Don’t allow grassy weed escapes to go to seed
  • Rotate herbicide modes of action between crop cycles, especially between Glyphosate, Group 1 and Group 2 herbicides
  • Use the CoAXium Wheat Production System no more than two years in a row in a two-year rotation with a summer fallow-winter wheat rotation
Seed being fed into the drills
Wheat seed being put into the ground

CoAXium crop rotation

  • Do not use the CoAXium Wheat Production System more than two years in a row and rotate with Group 2 or Group 15 herbicide modes of action in annual crop winter wheat
  • 2-year summerfallow – winter wheat rotation: Only use the CoAXium Wheat Production System two out of six years
  • 3-year summerfallow – winter wheat – spring crop rotation: Only use the CoAXium Wheat Production System two out of six years in a three-year rotation, making sure you use a Group 2 herbicide for grass control in spring wheat or barley crops. Use a Group 1 “Dim” versus a Group 1 “Fop” in the legume crop for post emerge grass control.

Grower and industry education is critical

  • Herbicide-tolerance traits in cereals are not cross-tolerant, so good farm management and record keeping is required
  • New technology in wheat will require industry stewardship, education and on-farm management
  • Albaugh has pioneered colorless seed treatments so that seed treatment colors can help manage the risk associated with utilizing two different herbicide-tolerance wheat production systems in the market
  • Seed treatment colors can help the seed industry and growers segregate and manage the new trait introduction, from the time CoAXium wheat is planted, the crop stand is established, the Aggressor AX application is made and a cleaner harvest can be completed

Stewardship is critical to prolong the utility, features and benefits of CoAXium Wheat Production System and Aggressor AX brand herbicides.

Sign your Stewardship Agreement

Grower Education and Stewardship Training

Stewardship Guidelines

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AgCelerate User Guide

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“These are exciting times for wheat farmers and the developers of the CoAXium Wheat Production System. Stewarding this new technology is critical. As a part of the stewardship process, growers must execute a Grower Stewardship Agreement prior to purchasing seed of a CoAXium wheat variety. Growers are also expected to follow the Grower Stewardship Guidelines when producing CoAXium wheat. Following these stewardship principles will maximize the efficacy of this system and prevent the development of herbicide resistance in grassy weeds.”

Tatiana Henry
Chief Operating Officer at Limagrain Cereal Seeds
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CoAXium Wheat Production System combines a herbicide-tolerance trait, elite varieties, a new branded herbicide and a comprehensive industry stewardship package.

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Aggressor AX is the herbicide brand linked to the patented trait and controls annual grasses in the CoAXium Wheat Production System.

AXigen is the patented non-GMO trait that confers tolerance to a Group 1 herbicide and is being introduced into elite public and private varieties adapted to your growing environment.