If Everyone Is Watching, Maybe Everyone Will Do The Right Thing.

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Do The Right Thing

Using the form you can remain anonymous. We will not attempt to contact you if that is your desire. If you feel more comfortable, use the number above to call anonymously.

  • Please provide any specific location(s) of the potential violation(s), including but not limited to the specific farm, fields, bins, and dates of potential violation.
  • Please provide the full name of suspected violator(s).
  • Please provide any additional specific information regarding the suspected infringement, including seed volume and potential sales of the crop to a third party.

CoAXium Good Steward Program

Growers are a special breed. Of person. Of Ethics. Of family. But as is usually the case, there can be bad apples in the most revered groups. The CoAXium® Team does not want this to be the case when stewarding the CoAXium Wheat Production System technology.

That’s why we go to great lengths to get the Grower Stewardship Agreement signed before selling CoAXium seed. We want every grower to understand the importance of using only the registered Aggressor® herbicide and never saving CoAXium seed from one season to the next.

The wheat industry has a great thing in CoAXium. It is grower developed. Grower owned. And it needs to be grower protected. The future of grower owned technologies is at stake. And so are your profits.

So if you’re thinking about breaking the stewardship guidelines for CoAXium. Just Don’t Do It. Call the number above to anonymously report suspected CoAXium Wheat Production System violations.

For Frequently Asked Questions Click Here

I am concerned that if I make a report, my name will be made public.
At CoAXium, we appreciate your honesty and integrity.  Therefore, we will do everything possible to protect your identity and the information you provide.  Your information will remain confidential except in the rare instance when it is required by law.

What does CoAXium do with the information I provide?
Once you leave a voice message or fill out the form on this site, we will investigate the claim. This may result in contacting the grower to review the CoAXium Stewardship Agreement.

What action(s) can result in an investigation of the claim?
This is simple.  If a grower:

  1. Sprays CoAXium wheat with any herbicide other than registered Aggressor® herbicide.
  2. Saves CoAXium seed from one season to the next.