CoAXium Stewardship: Don't Cut Corners

Good stewardship is good for us all.

The most powerful technology for fighting grassy weeds on wheat acres is built to last, as long as we treat it with care — plant only Certified CoAXium seed and use labeled rates of registered Aggressor AX herbicide. The next generation of wheat farmers is counting on us to be good stewards of CoAXium technology.

Most growers do the right thing. We’re asking you to report those who don’t.

1-855-DO RIGHT

Good Steward program

Stewardship guarantees the quality of your seed and the efficacy of your herbicide. It impacts your harvest and your profits. And it protects the integrity of CoAXium technology for you and generations to come.

That’s why we go to great lengths to get a CoAXium Stewardship Agreement signed before selling CoAXium seed.

Actions that can result in claim investigations

  • Spraying CoAXium wheat with any herbicide other than registered Aggressor AX herbicide
  • Saving CoAXium seed from one season to the next

Frequently asked questions

I’m concerned that if I make a report, my name will be made public.
At CoAXium, we appreciate your honesty and integrity. Therefore, we will do everything possible to protect your identity and the information you provide. Your information will remain confidential, except in the rare instance when it is required by law.

What does CoAXium do with the information I provide?
Once you leave a voice message or fill out the form on this site, we will investigate the claim. This may result in contacting the grower to review the CoAXium Stewardship Agreement.

Report a violation

Call our Stewardship Hotline at 1-855-DO RIGHT or fill out the form below to anonymously report suspected CoAXium Wheat Production System violations. Please provide specific information for suspected violations: names, dates, locations, variety names, etc.