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    How CoAXium Wheat Production System Works

Cleaner Fields. Higher Yields.

UNTREATED downy brome grass and jointed goatgrass in foreground. TREATED with Aggressor Herbicide in background.
UNTREATED downy brome grass and jointed goatgrass in foreground. TREATED with Aggressor Herbicide in background.

Plant. Spray. Profit. CoAXium.

Some wheat producers may say, “It doesn’t matter how it works, as long as it works!” But for those of you who want to understand more – here goes.

Colorado wheat producers asked Colorado State University researchers for a new solution for controlling grassy weeds in wheat that were not only robbing yield but also reducing the quality of their yield. However, the answer wasn’t as simple as it may seem. First, we identified a cost-effective, broad spectrum herbicide that worked fast and effectively on crop debilitating annual and perennial grasses. Then, our scientists at CSU went to work to develop and characterize an ACCase herbicide-tolerance trait that could protect wheat varieties from this same grass herbicide. Their results provided the base of a new wheat production system that allows growers to produce more, higher quality wheat with less dockage and foreign matter. Just as important, CoAXium® Wheat Production System is the only system today that has limited soil residual providing growers with greater crop rotation flexibility.

Plant. Spray. Profit. It’s that simple.

Technical Bulletin

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Stewardship Guidelines

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CoAXium® Wheat Production System

  • CoAXium® Wheat Production System is a non-GMO technology based on the new patented herbicide-tolerance trait for wheat – AXigen®
  • Axigen trait will be available in varieties from both private & public breeding programs
  • The first two CoAXium wheat varieties with the Axigen trait will be released to growers as Certified seed in the fall of 2018 by CWRF and Limagrain
  • Aggressor herbicides will provide excellent crop safety with broad spectrum grassy weed control including ALS (Group 2) resistant biotypes
  • Aggressor herbicides in the future will include broadleaf weed control solutions tailored to location production needs providing growers with a complete weed control tool
  • Wheat Growers and the entire ag industry will play a key role in the education, stewardship and long-term success of the CoAXium Wheat Production System
  • Aggressor herbicides will be registered by the EPA in the 4th Quarter of 2017

“This new technology was asked for and is owned by Colorado wheat farmers,” explains Mark Linnebur, president of CWRF and a farmer from Byers, Colorado. “Several years ago, the wheat producers of Colorado approached Colorado State University looking for a new solution to combat the grassy weed problems faced by Colorado wheat growers each year. Not only did it have to work better than what was commercially available, but it also had to be cost-effective. CoAxium Wheat Production System will deliver on that vision.”

Mark Linnebur
President, CWRF Board of Directors
CoAXium Wheat Production System Logo

CoAXium® Wheat Production System combines a herbicide-tolerance trait, elite varieties, a new branded herbicide and a comprehensive industry stewardship package.

Driven by Aggressor Herbicide Logo

Aggressor® is the new herbicide brand that is linked to the patented trait and controls winter annual grasses in the CoAXium Wheat Production System.

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AXigen® is the patented non-GMO trait that confers tolerance to a Group 1 herbicide and is being introduced into elite public and private varieties adapted to your growing environment.