The right of the picture is CoAXium® wheat treated with Aggressor® herbicide at 10 oz/ac and MSO at 1% vol/vol which produced no foreign matter or discount.

The left of the picture is a sample of feral rye (cereal rye) seed that contributed to a 8% foreign matter in the ClearField wheat sample treated with 6 oz/acre + MSO at 1% vol/vol + Sol 32 at 3 gpa.

In this test, CoAXium® wheat treated with Aggressor® herbicide yielded 8 bu/acre better then the ClearField variety due to reduced competition from the feral rye. The Aggressor treated CoAXium wheat did not have any feral rye seed in the sample so there was 0% foreign matter. The Clearfield treated with Beyond had 8% foreign matter from feral rye in the sample which resulted in an additional discount per bushel. Clarkston, WA.