Downy brome (Bromus tectorum L.), military chess, cheatgrass – no matter what you call it, this noxious weed is synonymous with decreased yields, lower quality wheat and dockage fees at the elevator. Each year, downy brome cheats wheat farmers out of millions of dollars in profits not to mention the headaches that come with trying to control it. Downy brome is found in over 100 Million acres in the western United States and once it takes root it is extremely difficult to control. Not only must a farmer eradicate emerging seedling and live plants, they must control seed formation and germination as downy brome will carry over into future seasons. Now there is CoAXium® Wheat Production System driven by Aggressor® herbicides. This innovative technology offers growers peace of mind with proven, consistent downy brome control. With CoAXium® Wheat Production System, fields are clean, harvests are high quality and profits are protected.

downy bromegrass