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Scan this list of wheat varieties and you’ll see leading varieties are included in the CoAXium® Wheat Production System. Each variety has unique strengths to ensure growers the most productive harvest no matter where in the world they are farming.

CoAXium varieties have been tested and retested for trait tolerance, seedling vigor, disease resistance, adaptation and yield in an extensive array of growing conditions.


  • Incline AX

    Incline AX, marketed by PlainsGold™, contains AXigen® trait and is resistant to Aggressor® herbicides. Incline AX was bred from Hatcher and Byrd parentage and has been tested across more than 40 locations in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Incline AX is two days later than Denali, susceptible to stripe rust, shows intermediate reaction to Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus and yields similarly to Brawl CL Plus.

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  • LCS Fusion AX

    Also bred from Hatcher and Byrd, LCS Fusion AX is earlier than Incline AX by up to three days. It is one day earlier than Denali and three days later than Byrd. Plant height is medium – an inch taller than Incline AX and an inch shorter than Denali. Straw strength is medium and the variety is susceptible to Stripe Rust and Leaf Rust.

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