The World of Wheat Is About To Change. Forever.


CoAXium Wheat Production System

CoAXium Wheat Production System combines stewardship, elite varieties and a superior ACCase-inhibiting herbicide with a patented non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait to bring wheat growers worldwide the most innovative and comprehensive technology for producing wheat. Want to be part of this agricultural revolution? Read on.


Cleaner Fields. Higher Yields.

How CoAXium Works

Plant. Spray. Profit. CoAXium.

Plant. Spray. Profit. CoAXium. Some wheat producers may say, “It doesn’t matter how it works, as long as it works!” But for those of you who want to understand more – Read More.


Aggressor Herbicides

CoAXium Wheat Production System

Driven by Aggressor® Herbicides


CoAXium Wheat Production System

AXigen® Trait

CoAXium® Wheat Production System combines a herbicide-tolerance trait, elite varieties, a new branded herbicide and a comprehensive industry stewardship package.

Aggressor® is the new herbicide brand that is linked to the patented trait and controls winter annual grasses in the CoAXium Wheat Production System.

AXigen Logo

AXigen® is the patented non-GMO trait that confers tolerance to a Group 1 herbicide and is being introduced into elite public and private varieties adapted to your growing environment.