In its ongoing commitment to upholding the integrity of the CoAXium® Wheat Production System, the CoAXium® Group has recently addressed a significant violation of the terms of its Grower Stewardship Agreement. The Group’s investigation revealed that a grower in Garfield County, Oklahoma, contravened the policies of the CoAXium® Wheat Production System by saving, cleaning, and replanting CoAXium® wheat seeds.

The grower admitted this infringement and acknowledged liability for $100 per acre in damages pursuant to the terms of the Grower Stewardship Agreement. The grower settled with the genetic provider. This resolution underscores the importance of adhering to the Grower Stewardship Agreement, which is designed to protect the interests of both CoAXium® genetic providers and the farming community. The guidelines set out in the CoAXium® Stewardship Agreement are specifically designed to protect farmers by protecting CoAXium® technology, safeguarding efficacy, and preventing the development of weed resistance.

When asked about the violation, CoAXium® Executive Committee Chair Brad Erker said, “This type of thing is never fun for anyone involved, but it’s an unfortunate necessity in order to protect the CoAXium® System and the farmers who rely on it. We want the CoAXium® system to give farmers cleaner fields and higher yields for years to come. But that’s only possible if we all do our part.”

The CoAXium® Group remains dedicated to fostering an equitable environment for all wheat growers and ensuring continued access to innovative agricultural technologies and new wheat varieties. Compliance with the CoAXium® Wheat Production System Stewardship Guidelines is essential for the success of this initiative.

If you are aware of any potential or actual violations, please report them anonymously by calling 1-855-DO RIGHT or by submitting a report through the CoAXium® website at