Today (March 8), Albaugh, the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation and Limagrain Cereal Seeds announced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved registration of Aggressor herbicide, the exclusive use herbicide for the CoAXium Wheat Production System.

The companies report this herbicide will provide growers with a new mode of action to address tough-to-control winter annual grassy weeds, including feral rye, Group 2 or ALS resistant biotypes of downy brome grass and jointed goatgrass.

Hard red winter wheat varieties Incline AX and LCS Fusion AX are scheduled to launch this fall with limited amounts of certified seed available to farmers in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana and parts of Oregon and Washington.

“We are delighted to introduce LCS Fusion AX in 2018 — one of the first two varieties for use with the CoAXium Wheat Production System,” says Frank Curtis, Limagrain Cereal Seeds chief operating officer. “Although the concept and the first varieties were developed in Colorado, the technology will benefit growers in other regions where annual grass weeds are troublesome.

“The LCS distribution network is already gearing up to make seed available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, as well as throughout the Central Plains region.”

The new CoAXium Wheat Production technology platform combines a patented herbicide-tolerance trait, elite germplasm and state-of-the-art Aggressor herbicide brands, according to a joint news release from the companies.

“CoAXium Wheat Production System was built from the ground up by growers who had innovation, performance and grower value in mind,” says Chad Shelton, Albaugh LLC global proprietary products director. It stemmed from the vision of Colorado growers and Colorado State University with a focus on providing novel solutions for wheat farmers in North America and around the globe.

Brad Erker, executive director of Colorado Wheat, says: “Colorado wheat growers were some of the first to adopt herbicide-tolerant wheat technology back in 2001. So by 2009, they had several years of experience and knew that another tool with better performance and better value would provide a huge benefit to wheat growers. This registration is a culmination of that original vision, and we’re very excited we could bring a product to market in just 10 years.”

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